As a child of immigrant parents, I know firsthand what it means to want a better life for your family and to keep your family intact. In my position as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Case Supervisor working with abused and neglected children, I saw the devastation caused by families being torn apart. This experience, coupled with my introduction to motherhood with the birth of my first child, helped me realize that I never wanted to see my children experience a broken family foundation or for any child to go through that experience. For this purpose, I created Heavenly Gates Housing (HG Housings) to clear the biggest hurdle faced by parents trying to regain custody of their children from the foster care system. Housing is a major inhibitor through this process, so HG Housings is a parent support program aimed at alleviating the stress and hardship of providing a home for parents trying to reestablish a loving family environment that would give them and their children a sense of stability and permanence.